Addon ADDUH070P USB Hub 7 Portswith Power Adapter



Our USB Hub allows you to add more USB peripherals to the PC, it also supports to connect USB devices through cascading multiple hubs.

Product Specifications*

  • Add 7 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port
  • Fully Complaint with USB 2.0 Specification
  • Supports up to 127 Hi-Speed devices
  • Backwards Compatible with USB 1.1 
  • Support data transfer rata at 1.5/12/480 Mbps
  • Friendly & ergonomic design easily portable
  • Provide Up to 500mA per port sufficient for diverse devices
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Support OS: Windows Me/2000/xp/Vista/Mac/Win7 OS 9.2 or obove/Lunix 2.4 or above
  • System Requirements: Pentiumbased PC or PowerPC based Macitosh with available USB 2.0 port

* Subject to change without notice


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